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Santa’s coming to town

Santa's Coming to Town

  Are you taking the kids to see Santa Claus? Plummy Mummy has another agenda …     I lost my faith aged 6. My sister and I were lying in bed on Christmas Eve pretending to be asleep. The door opened a crack, and we glimpsed the big man in red (though strangely barefoot and […]

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Art for kids

Child's drawing of Ai Wei Wei's blue balls

  How did you amuse the children during Half Term?  Entertaining them is a job and a half but just how hard could it be? A spot of culture shouldn’t go amiss.  Ah, we thought, let’s take them to see the Poppies Or Rembrandt at the National Gallery Constable at the V&A Turner at Tate Britain […]

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Are you having a laugh?

  “When you sign up for Arthur Smith’s Comedy Workshop, expect the unexpected!” This is what Skyros Head Office told me when I rang them shortly before leaving for my first holiday in a decade with my great friend, Penny*. (Not her real name) She hadn’t had a proper sun and beach jolly in ten […]

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Sat Nav

Sat Nav Gummy Mummy

As you may have seen last week, Plummy Mummy took a last minute holiday on her own when things fell through at home. She asked her boyfriend, Ollie Gorky, to keep an eye on the kids as nanny’s been in and out of the The Priory recently (good grief, ideas above her station!) Just the […]

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Sun, Sea, Sand and Sangria

Plummy Mummy on holiday

My picture this week is about what happens when a desperate Mum chooses R&R over her children. Sun, sea, sand and sangria with a few friends should put Plummy Mummy in a good mood again. I’d probably go along too if Dhani Jones was there, and as well as a few choice competitors from the Glasgow 2014 […]

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Easter Holidays 2014

Easter holidays

What are WE doing in the Easter Holidays this year? Ha Ha! If ONLY we were going skiing. Well actually maybe not. I love the idea of us all flying off to the Alps and shwooshing elegantly down snowy pistes in the bright Spring air, then gazing out of a chalet window over a crisp mountain […]

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Santa’s Coming to Town

Have you taken the kids to see Santa at a Department Store near you? Here is a piccy of him without the fancy dress. Actually this is a 13th-century depiction of Saint Nicholas of Myra who has morphed over the centuries into Santa Claus. As any fule kno, he was a 4th-century Greek Christian bishop from Lycia, […]

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4-Wheel Drives

Blog for wheel

This week I’m going to look at parents and children on the school run. Pity the poor children like yours and mine who arrive bedraggled in the rain without proper transport. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Just ask Santa very nicely this year and, given miracles do sometimes happen, you too could […]

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Half Term

What are you doing for Half Term? Are you one of those parents who prepares months ahead? Do you book tickets for ‘Matilda’, save tokens for Legoland and try to pin down your relations for a visit? We’re the sort of family who normally realises a few days before the break that there won’t be […]

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Holiday Diary

Oscar was going to cover his Holiday Diary in photos of his sporting heroes. Gummy Mummy got there first. Oh, the shame of it – the sixties is so OVER. For the second time. Heir Raising asks what you do if you have an older mum? Best to pretend she’s your Gran. No, your great-Gran. […]

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