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Gummy Mummy’s blog

Last time, we heard Plummy Mummy’s blog and her honest account of what it’s like to mix with “all sorts”. Gummy Mummy’s blog should prove interesting, though her miniscule computer capacity is clearly in inverse proportion to her age. And it’s not that she’s competitive, but Nicole Kidman just isn’t in the same league. Read […]

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Plummy Mummy’s Blog

If you’ve seen the last post, you’ll know that The Blog Club or ‘The Blug’ got together for the first time the other day. As all the friends met at Plummy house, she thought it was only right that she should read her blog first. So here is an extract from Plummy Mummy’s Blog… “Izzy […]

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The Bluggers

Meet the Bluggers

Meet The Bluggers! This is the first ever meeting of the Blog Club or ‘The Blug’. The Mums are meeting to share their latest posts about the fascinating details of their daily lives. With a chilled bottle of Chablis of course. The evening couldn’t be improved if J.K. Rowling, Naomi Wolf and Zadie Smith were […]

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Holiday Diary

Oscar was going to cover his Holiday Diary in photos of his sporting heroes. Gummy Mummy got there first. Oh, the shame of it – the sixties is so OVER. For the second time. Heir Raising asks what you do if you have an older mum? Best to pretend she’s your Gran. No, your great-Gran. […]

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Plummy and the postcards

Plummy and the postcards … As we would expect, this Easter hols my friend Plummy has gone skiing with her daughter Izzy and some friends to Verbier in Switzerland. Things have changed a bit since she was a girl.  In the past they had to actually sit down and write postcards to everybody they knew. […]

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Pyjama Ma and the Easter Surprise

Happy Easter to everyone and hope you all had a great few days off and not too much chocolate.  I’d like to introduce you to Maxi Mum and Pyjama Ma. They both feature in today’s cartoon, so very briefly : Maxi Mum isn’t fazed by anything.  She’s a ‘can do’ woman as in “anything you […]

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