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Internet Shopping


Happy New Year to all and a warm welcome back to Heir Raising – the Blogsite that gives you tips on how to and how not to raise your heirs. We’ve just finished all our Thank You letters and my good friend Serial Mum wanted to publish hers on my my site. Here it is: […]

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Late for School

It’s that time of the year – exhaustion all ’round and the festivities haven’t even begun. The days are dragging until the end of term, and the mornings seem to be getting darker and earlier. Getting out of bed with alacrity is not a quality I have been gifted with. But have you ever been […]

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Half Term

What are you doing for Half Term? Are you one of those parents who prepares months ahead? Do you book tickets for ‘Matilda’, save tokens for Legoland and try to pin down your relations for a visit? We’re the sort of family who normally realises a few days before the break that there won’t be […]

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Mary Berry and Me

Baking Final

This is a bit like my kitchen. (Only a bit, though because it’s quite small and there aren’t so many young people in it. Also, I have never to my knowledge mislaid a pastry lid, although sometimes bits around the edge mysteriously disappear when the pie comes out of the oven). It doesn’t even have a […]

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  Giving in to your toddler with sweets and fizzy drinks is the thin end of a Wii-shaped wedge, so I recommend starting young with discipline and not giving an inch. Perhaps kids learn threatening behaviour from their elders, or maybe it’s just one of the many things that come in their baby toolbox like […]

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…but EVERYONE I know has a smartphone! Now where have I heard that before? Actually last week was the first time my son threw this curved ball my way: “I’m the ONLY person I know who DOESN’T have a smartphone” “Aha! but your best friend ‘A’ doesn’t have one“, say I as quick off the […]

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School ‘Uniform’

If your child is ‘lucky’ enough to go to a school with no uniform, you may have come across the fine social distinctions that kids make when assessing what someone else is wearing. Otherwise known as straightforward snobbery, what a boy or girl wears to school is as much school ‘Uniform’ as this. I have […]

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New School Uniform

A new term for some of us means a new school uniform. What is irresistible is buying a brand new outfit at least once to show Great Aunt Jemima who’s helping towards (paying for) the private tutor.  After that, any old hand-me-down complete with resident moth family and peculiar looking stains will do. If you’re […]

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Homeward Bound

Time to come home! The new term looms, and the trains, boats and planes deliver us all back from foreign or native climes – we’re Homeward Bound. How did your luggage serve you? I went shopping for a lightweight but durable suitcase by a well-known manufacturer a few weeks ago before heading off to France. […]

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Gap Year

What are your teenagers doing now they’ve finished celebrating (or commiserating) ? IN MY DAY … Never thought I’d hear myself say that! But we didn’t have any concept of a Gap Year before starting work. On the other hand, does the world benefit from hundreds of thousands of students being launched straight into the […]

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Exam Results

Exam Grades

Can you ever relax on holiday knowing the exam results are on their way? I hope your kids all did as well as they deserved in their GCSE’s and A Levels this year! Of all the Heir Raising problems, exams have got to be right up there, no? On the whole, most parents are pretty […]

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Attachment Parenting | Serial Mum cartoon

Attachment Parenting

What does Attachment Parenting have to do with getting hitched? Another cartoon from Heir Raising in our wedding series this week. Congratulations to anyone getting married this weekend and remember, it’s good luck if it rains. It’s also good luck if it doesn’t. You may agree with the brilliant satirist H.L.Mencken that “Marriage may be […]

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Father’s Day 2013

    We interrupt our series on Summer Weddings with a nod to Dads everywhere. Happy Father’s Day 2013! See if you can match all the Dads above with our Mums. A prize if you get it correct. From Top Left: Dongle Dad (the IT expert), Ollie Gorky (Ukrainian Gas Billionnaire), Shaggy Daddy (New Age […]

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Ratio of children to carers

Well Nick Clegg has seen sense even if Serial Mum’s man hasn’t. The ratio of children to carers is a hot topic in any home with more than one child. Even then it’s a hot topic. How can anyone possibly imagine it’s safe to have six very young children looked after by one adult? I […]

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Pyjama Ma’s Ma

First of all a big round of applause to EehBahMum who has won Heir Raising’s first competition of this year! Congratulations, and I will start drawing your weekend wedding asap and let you know when you can see it here. Thanks to everyone else for taking part. There were some really good ideas that we […]

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