Andy Murray seems to have inspired a generation of young tennis players to raise the trophy at Wimbledon as he himself did recently. Runny Mummy doesn’t mind how her daughter gets there, but getting into a school in the catchment area that selects Ball Boys and Girls is a good start. The child could be Sabine Lisicki and Marion Bartoli in a few years if she practices hard enough too. Judy Murray wasn’t sitting on her hands all these years or at home baking Bannock bread and shortcake was she? No! You need to get up early, put on your tennis whites, whack a few balls around before and after school for several hours (as well as on weekends and every holiday for years) and voila! A champion in the making. A smidgeon of talent and some decent hand/eye co-ordination wouldn’t go amiss either. Friends and playtime? That will be in your next life.

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