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Santa’s coming to town

Santa's Coming to Town

  Are you taking the kids to see Santa Claus? Plummy Mummy has another agenda …     I lost my faith aged 6. My sister and I were lying in bed on Christmas Eve pretending to be asleep. The door opened a crack, and we glimpsed the big man in red (though strangely barefoot and […]

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Gifted & Talented 2

      As I was drawing this, I remembered being told off by my son last year for using a “VERY rude word”. Couldn’t think what it could be as I never, EVER swear. Well not that day, and not THAT rude. Anyway, he’d seen a letter I’d written and at the top of […]

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Gifted & Talented

Is your child clever? I mean REALLY clever? Plummy Mummy, seen at the top with Serial Mum, is convinced her own daughter Izzy is an undiscovered genius. Though, in fact, I don’t know any Mums, ANYWHERE, who would be surprised if their child were put on the G&T register*. I think Plummy would like a bit […]

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Santa’s Coming to Town

Have you taken the kids to see Santa at a Department Store near you? Here is a piccy of him without the fancy dress. Actually this is a 13th-century depiction of Saint Nicholas of Myra who has morphed over the centuries into Santa Claus. As any fule kno, he was a 4th-century Greek Christian bishop from Lycia, […]

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How to tweet in 140 characters

How to tweet in 140 characters. Plummy Mummy is practising her tweeting skills and also needs to get Izzy to bed. Her (ironic) party to celebrate the Final of The Eurovision Song Contest is about to begin. (Must remember to tell everyone she met that Bonnie Tyler once). Read More    

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Plummy Mummy’s Blog

If you’ve seen the last post, you’ll know that The Blog Club or ‘The Blug’ got together for the first time the other day. As all the friends met at Plummy house, she thought it was only right that she should read her blog first. So here is an extract from Plummy Mummy’s Blog… “Izzy […]

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Plummy and the postcards

Plummy and the postcards … As we would expect, this Easter hols my friend Plummy has gone skiing with her daughter Izzy and some friends to Verbier in Switzerland. Things have changed a bit since she was a girl.  In the past they had to actually sit down and write postcards to everybody they knew. […]

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How Red Nose Day Got Its Name

Another year – another Red Nose Day. Do they come around more quickly each time like birthdays seem to, or is it that red is such a prominent colour, we remember it more? Oscar’s used to nosebleeds, so he just blends in more at this time of the year.  Today we had a choice of […]

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