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Mission: Possible

Mission Mum Flood

The night after we left our friends in Sussex recently, they had to swim out of their house at 3am in the pitch black. It was Christmas Eve and my son had been helping his Godmother decorate the tree only three days earlier. What my friends managed to rescue: Their dog Passports Mobile phones What […]

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Half Term

What are you doing for Half Term? Are you one of those parents who prepares months ahead? Do you book tickets for ‘Matilda’, save tokens for Legoland and try to pin down your relations for a visit? We’re the sort of family who normally realises a few days before the break that there won’t be […]

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Exam Results

Exam Grades

Can you ever relax on holiday knowing the exam results are on their way? I hope your kids all did as well as they deserved in their GCSE’s and A Levels this year! Of all the Heir Raising problems, exams have got to be right up there, no? On the whole, most parents are pretty […]

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The Bluggers

Meet the Bluggers

Meet The Bluggers! This is the first ever meeting of the Blog Club or ‘The Blug’. The Mums are meeting to share their latest posts about the fascinating details of their daily lives. With a chilled bottle of Chablis of course. The evening couldn’t be improved if J.K. Rowling, Naomi Wolf and Zadie Smith were […]

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Mission Mum and the Easter Hols

  MISSION MUM AND THE EASTER HOLS – Let me introduce you to my friend Mission Mum.  As you can see, she is leaving no stone unturned to create geniuses (sorry, or genii) out of her children: Persephone and Dante.  Being the first in her family to go to University (Manchester, where else?), Mission is […]

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