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Royal Baby | Kate Middleton Cartoon

Royal baby birth cartoon

The Time has Come! Kate is on the way to becoming a Royal Mum. I can’t imagine the scene in The Lindo Wing at St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington when the Royal Baby is on his or her way. Actually I can, and it might be like this (see above!).

Personally speaking, I wouldn’t want more than the bare minimum of helpers around including a midwife, my obstetrician and the father. Oh, but let’s not forget the photographer. And maybe the video guy .. not to mention the string quartet, lighting, make-up ….

Now I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: what if Kate and Wills just go off piste and instead of Elizabeth or George etc., they name their infant, North, after Kanye and Kim’s? then if they give the Royal Baby the surname Wales, the next but one in line to the throne would be  … ta daa yes, you’ve guessed it –  Prince North Wales!

So this leads me to my Royal Baby competition – the first person to guess the correct name for Kate and Will’s baby will receive a signed print of this cartoon. Just leave the answers in the comment box. (Members of the Royal Family will not be allowed to enter – sorry!) Although I’m excluded from my own competition (not fair!), I’ll take a punt on the future monarch being an Arthur. I think the original King who had this name did more to help create a fairer society by giving equal status to all who sit at a round table. Legendary or not.


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Gracey Mangune - 23 July 2013

I’m guessing it’s Alfred or Henry. 🙂

    Jo - 23 July 2013

    Interesting choice, Gracey. About time we had another King Alfred, although Henrys have had more than their fair share historically haven’t they. I’m guessing Arthur myself.

Cant Draw - 23 July 2013

Mum, i guess he will be Alfred, George, Arthur,Kevin,Charles and posh names like that.


    Jo - 25 July 2013

    Congratulations my boy! You have won the competition as you guessed the Royal Baby would be called George. The prize will be awarded in a grand ceremony in the garden tomorrow after lunch (would you mind mowing the lawn first?) Love, Mum

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