If Donald Trump was a parent anywhere near our school playground, I’d have moved my child to a new school by now after having tried and failed to change his mind on nearly everything. I’ve been left wondering whether his own kids, the older as well as the younger ones, really believe in him and whether we all become our parents in the end? However, his sister Maryanne became a senior Court of Appeals judge and her son a psychologist. Both of these careers seem to rely on some sort of judgement and discrimination.

But what sort of child grows up to be a psychopath? (my opinion about someone threatening to exclude an entire religion from his country, as well as building a TWO THOUSAND mile wall to prevent a single Mexican from coming to visit). How can a little boy, like Donny, grow up to be so over-endowed with self belief? Perhaps it has something to do with his grandmother whose surname was Christ? Or so deficient in empathy – perhaps the fact that his parents were both longtime members of the Ku Klux Klan (his father for 70 years).

Is he beyond redemption? Will he disappear the way of Sarah Palin, scary hockey mum, or plague this world for the next 4 years? Please let Donald Trump go and sit on the naughty step for eternity and let us all sleep at night.

For a while at least.


Donald Trump


I kid you not – President Vladimir Putin has this image below on his 2017 March calendar with the message “Me and my pussy liked each other instantly. I love animals and they evidently feel this too!”

If it doesn’t make you too unwell just thinking about it, imagine a meeting between Vladimir and Donald if they met in the White House?

“Welcome Mr President Vladimir! This is my wife, First Lady Melania, she’s hot don’t you think? While you’re here can I interest you in some prime real estate – I’m going to convert this building into a condominium, you can have a bigly discount if you get me into the dressing room at the Bolshoi”

“Of course, but first I would like a guided tour of the Pentagon with some of my people …”


Me and my pussy


Is Donald the small child who wanted his father’s approval so much he’d do anything for it? I’m coming to that conclusion. Was his mother the beautiful, female role model who enabled his father’s abuse? Who knows what secrets the Trump family kept.

If you’re a teacher, how do you treat children in your class who bully from a young age like the young Donald allegedly did? I’d love to know.


Putin and Trump who's the pussy?






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  1. Crickey!!!
    The world is turning on its head; I’m hoping that one day soon I’ll wake up and it’ll all be a dream…or maybe I’ve been watching some crazy sitcom. Oh no, hang on a minute, no one could write a story as crazy as the 2016 US election…!

  2. Love it! So many great cartoon ideas so little time! Why have we heard so little about the Candidate’s Russian connections, the property deals in Russia, the release of hacked opposition emails? Do the Americans no longer care about what their former number one enemy gets up to? While America is distracted by the campaign media pantomime, the Bear is closing in on the Baltic states and bombing hospitals in Syria.

    1. Well said. Can’t believe this nightmare is playing out in front of our eyes. Even if Trump doesn’t win, the world now perceives the USA as a increasingly divided power with half of its electorate prepared to elect a vacuous, foolish and blatantly dishonest sociopath intent on alienating millions of hardworking people who made that country strong. In other words, immigrants like his own grandparents. Donald Trump is not only stupid but he has the memory of a flea. Putin must be schnorting into his Borshct.

  3. I think you’re very clever to talk about the Trump/Putin dynamic because it’s just another nasty twist in this already farcical and seriously worrying campaign. I’d be over the moon to see Clinton elected and for Michelle Obama to be a future president too. Brilliant cartoons as always (love the detail) x #chucklemums

  4. Jo I think you linked up to the wrong linky! It’s supposed to be #chucklemums, not #terrormums! I jest, you are very funny as always, even if this one is simultaneously somewhat unsettling…
    Good to see you, it’s been a while x #chucklemums

  5. I am commenting after the horrendous results. The world is going mad, but we’re due another major conflict of morons vs morons, but will there be anywhere safe to hide while they get on with their natural selection clear out?! not so #chucklemums

    1. Thanks for your feedback Sarah. ‘Natural selection’ is such a chilling phrase in these circumstances but sadly it looks appropriate for today. We live in very unsettling times, but for anyone living in Syria or Iraq at the moment it’s been unsettling for many years so I guess we’ve been sheltered from a sense of danger and the unknown. Tim at ‘Slouching’towards’Thatcham’ has written a more positive blog post than i could muster. Give yourself a laugh at the end too #chucklemums #dontletthebastardsgetyoudown

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