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Cereal Boxes again


Cereal Boxes again.  The mystery continues as we try to figure out why teachers ask us for more and more or these things.  All this week, I’m suggesting different possibilities including, as you may have seen yesterday, a pair of emergency wellies (or rain boots/gumboots for our friends around the world) for that odd snow flurry.  Today, I’ve another  suggestion.  Perhaps  they’re used as extra storage for all those lost items that turn up after the kids have left for the afternoon?

By Friday, I’ll try and find out what the cereal boxes are really being used for. Until then, check in to see more, and if you’re a teacher, please give me some ideas and I’ll draw the best one!

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Cant Draw - 18 March 2013

Had me laughing out loud. Dont you know why teachers need large cereal boxes – they’re to put all those yogurt cartons and toilet rolls in!

    Jo - 18 March 2013

    Of course! But say it quietly or they’ll be asking us for those too next term! 🙂

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