Me as a Finalist two years ago



My name:                                           Jo Sandelson

My Blog:                                   

Find me on social media at:              @heirraising on Twitter and Heir Raising on Facebook

What do I look like?                           See below but with more wrinkles than when photo was taken last year

Is this my first blogging event?          No, but only second time at BritMums Live. I was a BiB Finalist in 2014

What do I do?                                    Cartoonist and comedian and blogger

I will be wearing:                               Not sure yet, probably dress and low heels. Sparkly thing for the evening

What I hope to gain from BML16:     Meet other bloggers; eat food; learn new stuff

My tips for a great conference:         Wear comfortable shoes; DON’T worry about remembering everyone’s names



This is me – come and say hello!



I’m chuffed to have been Shortlisted for Readers’ Choice



10 Golden Rules for surviving BritMums Live


Childcare at BritMums Live


Please leave a comment or tell me if you’re going to be there too and want to meet up and let’s have a BLOGGING good time! 🙂



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