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Attachment Parenting | Serial Mum cartoon

Attachment Parenting

Attachment Parenting

What does Attachment Parenting have to do with getting hitched? Another cartoon from Heir Raising in our wedding series this week. Congratulations to anyone getting married this weekend and remember, it’s good luck if it rains. It’s also good luck if it doesn’t. You may agree with the brilliant satirist H.L.Mencken that “Marriage may be a wonderful institution, but who wants to live in an institution?”. I disagree, but honorable mentions for whoever can come up with the three best reasons to get married.

And what will Kate and William do when they go to a friend’s wedding with baby Carol/Phillip/Diana/North ? Are Royal babies allowed to make more noise in public than your ordinary infant? Perhaps theirs are trained from birth to display restraint, but somehow I don’t quite see The Duchess of Cambridge whipping out her milky bars in public to comfort her child. Mind you, a cold stone church in a cool British summer isn’t somewhere you’d want to bare all your upper half in the first place. Prizes for correctly guessing the first name of the future monarch. Just a thought … if they did call him/her the same name as Kanye and Kim‘s babe, would we have a future king or queen called North Wales? On reflection, perhaps South Wales is better and then we could call their offspring Cardiff for short.

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