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Anger Management

In Heir Raising today, we’re looking at the value of Anger Management.  It’s not easy in the playground when overwhelmed by hormones, growth spurts and bad nights, as well as having to negotiate relationships every day in front of the whole school.  And that’s just the mums at drop-off and pick-up …  

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Oscar wants answers. Every week, or more often if we can think of something funny, Oscar and his friends will be popping up in Heir Raising and and making their presence known.   Read More    

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This week, Heir Raising is taking a look at what happens when kids become more independent. In the playground, Oscar and Dante’s parents are making great progress as is Ollie Gorky, Plummy Mummy’s boyfriend. Heir Raising will be tackling deeply problematic parenting problems in an expertly educational, though faintly ridiculous way.   Read More

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Plummy Mummy

Plummy Mummy “Where’s the au pair when you need her?”  Plummy Mummy is stretched beyond reason.  How can you get on with your life when the staff are always away.  This is Yolanda’s third visit back home in one year – surely the rest of her family can look after her father.  Most strokes are fairly minor […]

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Gummy Mummy

In Heir Raising this week I am showcasing a new breed of elderly mothers who you can see whizzing back and forth on the school run.  One of these is my friend Gummy Mummy.  Her obstetrician called her ‘an ancient prima-gravida’ – an upgrade, or downgrade if you like from the ‘elderly primagravida’ he called […]

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Parents United!

Welcome to my new blog – Heir Raising!  I have several friends with children the same age as mine and we have become close over the years even though we don’t always agree. Please do visit from time to time and leave a comment if you feel like it – I’d love to hear from […]

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