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Dementia Tax – come again?

dementia tax

Getting forgetful are we Mrs May? Either you don’t remember what you stood for or you’ve changed your mind. Again. Now I can do that any day, but when you’re PM, I think we need a leader with just a leetle bit more commitment to their beliefs. No prizes for guessing who said THIS in February of last year […]

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Whacky Baccy

waccy baccy

    What is it about Tim Farron? Seems like a nice guy and can stand up for himself in public. It’s just – do you want to follow him? His face is a bit like a photofit picture of a politician. If you half close your eyes, you can see Blair, Farage, Kinnock all […]

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Love’s Labour’s Lost

love labours lost

Hey ho Jez it’s not an easy ride when you’re committed to footsoldiers like this. What is it about your second-in-command ? She reminds me of the bossiest of bossies in the ‘A’ Level Bossy class. As well as that she doesn’t do adding up and she doesn’t do apologising. Not my cup of tea at […]

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My Dad was on the radio after he died

my dad was on the radio

It was you, Dad, who started all of this off. AFTER you died. And John Humphrys too speaking on R4 about his death announcement in The Times (listen below): . Yes, I had my cartoon of you printed there, the very newspaper I worked for many years ago :   And here is my original picture of […]

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My father is a total dick

Heads of state kissing

‘My father is a total dick‘     Yes this is what I saw written in my son’s exercise book yesterday. It was just a glance as he doesn’t like me looking at his work nowadays. While by no means always true, I thought an 11 yr old boy should probably have a tad more respect for his […]

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