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jo working for about pageHello! My name is Jo Sandelson and my latest project is a cartoon blog, Heir Raising, which takes a wry look at bringing up children.

I created the first ever daily topical strip cartoon to appear in The Times called ‘On The Record’ many years agoThen I co-founded an animation company called Cutting Lines in 1994, creating foamboard puppetry from cartoons in live-action animation.  Out of this came a short-lived weekly arts cartoon strip commissioned by The ObserverThe Financial Times and The Listener have also published my work.

As well as working for newspapers and magazines, I have drawn for Advertising and PR companies as well as global corporations including Saatchi and Saatchi, WPP, Abbey National, American Express, ICI, Arthur Andersen, Ernst and Young, Olympia & York, Robson Rhodes (Grant Thornton).

And then there’s The Barmies, the children’s book I wrote and illustrated. Published in December 2012, it is the first of the Cattleford Tales series and tells the story of a boy whose pushy parents want him to become a world leader while he has a more congenial future in mind.

I am also a painter.

Very recently, in fact only since November 2014, I can add Stand-Up comic to my portfolio. Never thought I’d be doing anything like this – having been pathologically shy as a child. For my tour dates, see here

I live in the South of England where I have scheduled meetings with husband, brilliant young son (my creative advisor), his close companion: my dashing step-grandson, and 3 talented stepchildren. I respect their wishes to stay anonymous, but they know who they are.

It’s easy to contact me. Please send your comments and/or enquiries about pricing and commissions for artwork to jo@josandelson.com