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Gummy doing homework

  The nightly nightmare of homework. Does your child walk through the front door and say, “I can’t WAIT to do my homework – just try and stop me”. Hmmm. I know some kids who do that, well that’s what their Mums tell me, and I would absolutely LOVE to know how they do it. […]

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  Giving in to your toddler with sweets and fizzy drinks is the thin end of a Wii-shaped wedge, so I recommend starting young with discipline and not giving an inch. Perhaps kids learn threatening behaviour from their elders, or maybe it’s just one of the many things that come in their baby toolbox like […]

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…but EVERYONE I know has a smartphone! Now where have I heard that before? Actually last week was the first time my son threw this curved ball my way: “I’m the ONLY person I know who DOESN’T have a smartphone” “Aha! but your best friend ‘A’ doesn’t have one“, say I as quick off the […]

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How to tweet in 140 characters

How to tweet in 140 characters. Plummy Mummy is practising her tweeting skills and also needs to get Izzy to bed. Her (ironic) party to celebrate the Final of The Eurovision Song Contest is about to begin. (Must remember to tell everyone she met that Bonnie Tyler once). Read More    

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Gummy Mummy’s blog

Last time, we heard Plummy Mummy’s blog and her honest account of what it’s like to mix with “all sorts”. Gummy Mummy’s blog should prove interesting, though her miniscule computer capacity is clearly in inverse proportion to her age. And it’s not that she’s competitive, but Nicole Kidman just isn’t in the same league. Read […]

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The Bluggers

Meet the Bluggers

Meet The Bluggers! This is the first ever meeting of the Blog Club or ‘The Blug’. The Mums are meeting to share their latest posts about the fascinating details of their daily lives. With a chilled bottle of Chablis of course. The evening couldn’t be improved if J.K. Rowling, Naomi Wolf and Zadie Smith were […]

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