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BBC Radio Oxford

This is me being interviewed last Tuesday on BBC Radio Oxford. The lovely Kat Orman and I talked about Heir Raising, Britmums, Blogging and cartoons …

And here’s the second half ….

… Do put your head around the door and have a listen. Near the end, I made the mistake of pretending to be Plummy Mummy and said, “Anyway, I must go to the hairdressers” so she thought I really needed to whizz off! Not sure how happy I am to be thought of as the real thing !! recommend Heir Raising Cartoons in their ‘Under the Tree’

My Friends Like have bought a print and recommended Heir Raising

Talented Ladies  interview


Comments about Heir Raising :


“Completely Amazing!”  Rosie Millard, journalist, broadcaster and author

“Your blog is quite brilliant. I have LOLed”  Arthur Smith, comedian, writer and broadcaster

“Jo is a fantastic cartoonist. Check it out”  The Big Draw

“You are a very funny lady! love your writing just as much as your pix”  Kirsty Smith, EehBahMum

“Signed print arrived safely, Jo & really pleased with it. Thank you.  Mark Richards author & commentator

“Your drawings are fab and so funny”  Emma Chichester Clark, award winning illustrator and author

“I utterly love Jo Sandelson’s blog”  Rachael Lucas, author of best selling “Sealed with a Kiss

“It’s amazing – the content as well as your illustrations. looking forward to the next instalment”
 Cogito Ergo Mum

“LOVE your sketches, they’re really good”  Chez Mummy

“Thanks Jo. That’s pretty good though in reality Stella is much shorter than me”  Toby Young, journalist and author of ‘How to Lose Friends and Alienate People’

“‘Thanks Jo. That’s pretty good though in reality Stella is much shorter than me'<Toby spin I fear..>”!
Stella Creasy MP

“I am so chuffed! The last time someone sketched me was in Times Square about 15 years ago!! Fab blog”
 Gina Schauffer, Zone the Digital Content Agency

“… your cartoon mummies, I think they’re a hoot”  Grizelda Heppel, Children’s Prize prize winner of Ante’s Inferno




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