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A shortcut to Times Tables

TIMES TABLES I’ve found the quickest ever way to learn your Times Tables! My son’s class are at different stages, and the teacher’s insisting they know them asap. So she wouldn’t be impressed with me. Embarrassingly, I still struggle with a few of the middle ones, though felt better when a friend told me she […]

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Gifted & Talented

Is your child clever? I mean REALLY clever? Plummy Mummy, seen at the top with Serial Mum, is convinced her own daughter Izzy is an undiscovered genius. Though, in fact, I don’t know any Mums, ANYWHERE, who would be surprised if their child were put on the G&T register*. I think Plummy would like a bit […]

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Gummy doing homework

  The nightly nightmare of homework. Does your child walk through the front door and say, “I can’t WAIT to do my homework – just try and stop me”. Hmmm. I know some kids who do that, well that’s what their Mums tell me, and I would absolutely LOVE to know how they do it. […]

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Holiday Diary

Oscar was going to cover his Holiday Diary in photos of his sporting heroes. Gummy Mummy got there first. Oh, the shame of it – the sixties is so OVER. For the second time. Heir Raising asks what you do if you have an older mum? Best to pretend she’s your Gran. No, your great-Gran. […]

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