Theresa May Tim Farron


Theresa May Tim Farron


Tim Farron Lib Dems

What is it about Tim Farron? Seems like a nice guy and can stand up for himself in public. It’s just – do you want to follow him? His face is a bit like a photofit picture of a politician. If you half close your eyes, you can see Blair, Farage, Kinnock all morphed into one. Some people are easier to draw so I might be a bit biased in favour of those. Dark hair, dark features and good bone structure are a giveaway to a cartoonist. It’s a bonus if they have strong eyebrows. So how shallow am I? Hmmm.

Well politically, the other parties as ever have bagged the best policies. In fact the Tories have managed to bag Labour’s too, so it was a bit of a scrabble around the bottom of the Lucky Dip tub for the Lib Dems to find something new.

It’s well known that cannabis helps with the severe pain of MS, Crohn’s disease, stomach cancer, rheumatoid arthritis as well as dysmenorrhea (period pains for those who don’t know) and countless other conditions. Many years ago a friend brought some marijuana ciggies over to help with acute sciatica I’d had for weeks. Neither prescriptions drugs nor neat Scotch did the job. After a few puffs, life became bearable again.

So I say : bring it on Tim, and if you’re buzzing around my voting booth on June 8th, pass the weed, man.

In fact can someone show me the way to the Lib Dem’s HQ ? I may be some time ..


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