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Heard the news? There’s going to be a major government study of 2,500 children into whether mobile phones are dangerous for their health. Doesn’t it feel like we’ve been here before? So why hasn’t anything been done since this was last flagged up five years ago? Oh, not the mobile phone companies’ tax contribution to the economy surely?

Anyway, what are a few electromagnetic radioactive rays going to do to children? Actually quite alot. A Canadian friend and his three mates put their mobiles on the table with a corn kernel in the middle. They got those four phones to ring at the same time and voila! Popcorn!

So, does this mean we can’t put the baby in the microwave anymore for a quick zuzz? Bother – really saved on hanging out those wet towels didn’t it?

Seriously, do these phones affect mental development in children? The research is going to include a test for 11-12 yr old kids which will be redone in three years time. Nice idea but not thought through. Here’s an example of the sort of test they’ll most likely be given


Psychologist: “You’ve had a quick look at all these objects that are now under a blanket. How many are there and what percentage are green and/or red? “

12 year old  “a) 63  b) 7%  and c) 3%”

15 year old “Who gives a sh**

Does that tell you your teenager’s brain has been scrambled in the intervening 3 years?

My gripe is that it’s not only the radiation. Kids don’t in fact put the phone to their ear as much as adults – they text. Simpler. It’s the lack of proper communication that’s scary. No eye contact = no responsibility. Been there myself.

How to end a relationship by text:

You’re dumped

If your child goes to a private school, they get extra lessons in this sort of thing:

It’s not you, Frederick, it’s me. I’m so awfully sorry

Useful too for those tricky communications with a parent:

Mum I’ll be late home – in detention again” is much easier as a written message than having to deal with those messy, shouty emotions that come back to you :

“What the f*** you little w*****. Have you been nicking from the teacher’s purse again?”

Or Plummy Mummy’s response :

“Isabella, I’m terribly disappointed in you and so is your father. We already give you plenty of pocket money”

How I use mobile phones of course is a different matter altogether. I did manage to summon up this tray recently when ill in bed by texting downstairs … probably a one-off but worth a burst of radiation



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    1. Thanks so much Tracy – handy things mobiles after all;) Do have a listen to the start of the BBC interview I did last week on my blog (in recent posts or Press & Publicity). You came to mind at the beginning – there was so much more I wish was said, but you know how it is in the heat of the moment, and was at least glad to have remembered some of the important bits …. x

  1. Great post!! I have to say I cringed a little when I saw this in the news! Like you said we’ve heard this before! I’m not sure quite how this test will work but I’m interested to see whether we will ever hear the results and how they can possibly prove anything (apart from we don’t know how to talk to each other face to face any more!) x

    1. Me too. I’m sure some inconclusive results will be buried under a big news story on a public holiday sometime in 2017. Agree with you completely on the last point!

    1. I know – nanny state eh? And I won’t show husband your breakfast comment. If he knew he was a carer, he might start charging xx

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