Sun, Sea, Sand & Sangria
Sun, Sea, Sand & Sangria

My picture this week is about what happens when a desperate Mum chooses R&R over her children. Sun, sea, sand and sangria with a few friends should put Plummy Mummy in a good mood again. I’d probably go along too if Dhani Jones was there, and as well as a few choice competitors from the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games (hiya Usain!), but can’t really abandon my family can I. Or can I?  Maybe I could fill the freezer for them with frozen ready meals. Why do I want to get away so much? Doesn’t every parent need to?  8 days off in 10 years should tell the story.

But why won’t we be on our way to the beach tomorrow? Here’s the story.

We were about to pack our bags ready for the summer holidays. One of my favourite things about going away is making lists of things to do.

1. Iron summer clothes ignoring shrinkage (due to Winter diet) and frayed edges – check

2. Retrieve suitcases from roof space and ignore suspicious-looking mice droppings inside – check

3. Ask kind neighbours to water plants and fight off burglars – check

4. Vacuum car to remove a year’s supply of crisp shrapnel, and even more suspicious-looking mice droppings (get child to make sure it’s not chocolate going to waste) – check

5. Remember sat nav even though we’ve been going to same place for many years – check

6. Sleep badly night before leaving, as piles of scorch-marked clothes clutter up the bed – check

7. Ignore anyone coughing and sneezing, it’s just attention seeking, right? – check

8. Check local weather forecast: rain, heavy rain, lightning and thunder, more rain – check


Met Office weather forecast
Holiday weather forecast


Despite this, the Met Office did say visibility would be good. So we’ll have a great view of the deluge through the windows of self-catered apartment.

9. Lovely phone calls from two friends back from sunny Mediterranean islands – check

10. Cancel holiday due to illness – check


Thank goodness – coming home is always the best bit anyway!

That’s what I’m saying to the others while looking up flights and hotel rooms for one on

Would you abandon your family for a week?



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Next time … find out what Plummy’s kids were doing while she was away. Also, will I really be going on holiday alone? 

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    1. Hey Kerrie! I won’t be able to leave them really. More of a fantasy this Summer. Although I am booked onto Arthur Smith’s comedy workshop in the Autumn. In Greece! Yeah! Hope family better by then or I’ll really be struggling with my conscience. X

  1. Love the weather report – very valid for Cornwall. Once the family get older it will become easier to abandon them – unless they abandon you first! We’ve been enjoying 3 weeks of no kids so far as they’re off doing their ‘own thing’, ’tis a pity we’ve been working throughout it all!

    1. Oh yes hard to be time rich and kid poor at the same time. Still hope you got a bit of peace and quiet though they’re probably past the noisy stage! The weather down in Cornwall according to my father has been ‘warm and sunny’ all week so at least someone enjoyed it!

  2. Oh no Jo did you really have to cancel your break?! What a shame. Still at least it was the source if a great blog post hey so every cloud 😉

    Comedy workshop sounds amazing too. Love Greece x

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