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What’s it like at your school on Sports Day?

I was recently thrashed by several much fitter Mums at the 100 metres.

But I wasn’t trying very hard to win.

Well not really hard.

And they were younger than me.

Except for one.

Or two.

It must have been my shoes.

They didn’t have any go-faster stripes on the side.

Believe me?

Children are embarrassed by their parents whatever they do, so thought I might as well conserve my energy for another day.

How did you do?

Had a better time of it earlier this week at an Absolutely Fabulous event held by Countrywives in Henley. We sat in the sun looking out over The Thames as the boats floated by. The Bluggers lunch, which I’m honoured to say was named after my cartoon of The Blug (a Blog Club rather than a Book Club). The elegant Annabel and Grace hosted the DElicious and slightly tipsy meal in such an elegant setting that a family of swans came to join us. Do have a peak at the photos.

Having missed meeting so many interesting bloggers at Britmums, it was great to catch up with not only our glamorous hostesses, but also the elegant and fascinating author Emma Clark Lam, Margottriesthegoodlife who writes the original and moreish blog of the same name, the wonderfully eccentric and deeply pink Backpacking Granny, and of course, Mrs Social Media herself, Alice from The Fairy Blogmother. I think we’re all looking forward to another bash as soon as possible!


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  1. Sounds divine! Glad you had a lovely time Jo 🙂
    I can’t wait for sports days, i will be right up there trying to get first place 😉 x

  2. Sports Day! Oh my, don’t ask!
    Daddy DSU ended up iA&E and on bed rest with an elevated foot and a bell to ring for tea for 2 weeks! I bet you could have done a cartoon of that Jo!
    Great post, much love H x

    1. Thanks Hayley 🙂 Poor Daddy DSU although that does sound like quite a cushy number! Yes, I bet A&E’s all over the country, cancel staff leave during the last week of term when Sports Days are held. xxJo

  3. I think sitting in a fabulous Henley garden on a boiling hot afternoon stuffing our faces with Chocolate Tort in the company of other bluggers is a much better idea than braving it out on the edge of the running track on sports day – but then we do it to make our kids happy and give them all the encouragement they need!

    1. I know of several kids, mine included who’d be happier doing the chocolate stuffing thing, though. A friend pointed to one little boy who was running so fast on the track at Sports Day recently, that ‘his cheeks wobbled’. The only time I’ve seen my son’s cheeks wobble is when there’s food inside them. Takes after me.

  4. How wonderful Jo! And just down the road from me too 🙂 I have only ever entered the mums race once, when my eldest was in Reception. At that time she was really proud of me – I won! But it was skipping and I did have the somewhat unfair advantage of being very small and cos the skipping ropes were made for children, I was the only one who sailed by with ease!

    1. Hi Suzanne, didn’t know you were so close to where we were. How very satisfying to have won AND for your little one to have been proud of you all those years ago. Gets rarer and rarer as they get older doesn’t it! 😉

    1. You would DEFINITELY have won if you were wearing proper running gear, so well done for coming second! 🙂

  5. I’d better get in training for those races now. Only got another year… So far I think I’ve primarily been training for boozy lunches like the one you describe.

    1. Ha! Yes boozy lunches good for not caring about sports races. Good luck next year if you take part – don’t forget to slip Calpol into the other runners’ drinks before the start and you’ll leave them snoring at the starting line

    1. I wonder what the Commonwealth and Olympic Games would look like with all the competitors standing on the podium as winners!
      I’m like you with the running. Wasn’t so bad last year after going to gym and running around for a few weeks before getting injured with the cross training equipment. It was rained off then, so was all for nothing apart from getting a neck brace and huge thighs. Good to hear from you 🙂

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