Red Nose Day 2013

Another year – another Red Nose Day.

Do they come around more quickly each time like birthdays seem to, or is it that red is such a prominent colour, we remember it more?

Oscar’s used to nosebleeds, so he just blends in more at this time of the year.  Today we had a choice of a red scarf, red shorts, a very small red T-shirt from the previous two years which we bought on holiday.

It’s covered in a French slogan which is hilarious when you’re four or five, but not now, especially as it’s so small Oscar’s arms stick out to the side. Gummy Mummy blushes when she puts £2 in the collection box;  Plummy Mummy is standing right behind her with her £20 notes.

Maybe I’ll do a cartoon of that – competitive giving.

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  1. Hi there Jo,
    I absolutely love your drawings! I so wish I could draw/sketch/paint-by-numbers…
    Please keep blogging! It’s such a lovely idea to combine drawings and text. I’m seeing postcards, posters, keyrings……

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