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Ratio of children to carers

Ratio of children to carers

Ratio of Children to carers

Well Nick Clegg has seen sense even if Serial Mum’s man hasn’t. The ratio of children to carers is a hot topic in any home with more than one child. Even then it’s a hot topic. How can anyone possibly imagine it’s safe to have six very young children looked after by one adult? I count one who’s crying for help because they’ve slipped and got stuck in the loo bowl, one getting a bit too warm in the oven, another one provoking the angry dog on the other side of the garden fence; two pulling each others hair out and screaming, and the last one disappearing down the road.



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EmmaT - 7 June 2013

Haha, so true Jo! Love all the brilliantly captured details in this drawing!

    Jo - 7 June 2013

    Left out the minefield but only because I don’t know how to draw one 🙂

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