School Pick-ups





















School Pick-ups





School pick-ups




















Are school pick-ups are becoming a bit more commercial or is it my imagination? It feels these days like the playground is some sort of open market for parents to dump their excess baggage and make a fast buck at the same time.

“Oh hi Jo! Did you have a lovely holiday? You’re not looking as exhausted as you were at the end of last term”

“You’re looking well too Ivana – LOVE the new nose. Yeah we had a good time thanks. The tent didn’t spring a leak until the second night, Dad’s off life-support and the lawnmower only packed up at the end of the summer. How about you?”

“Fabulous! The kids are nearly fluent in French, Italian and Greek after our road trip and Henry got 15A* in his GCSEs. Now, I happen to have an old desk that Annaglypta’s grown out of and her brother doesn’t want. If you collect, it’s yours for £30.”

Does this sound familiar?





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