If you’ve seen the last post, you’ll know that The Blog Club or ‘The Blug’ got together for the first time the other day. As all the friends met at Plummy house, she thought it was only right that she should read her blog first. So here is an extract from Plummy Mummy’s Blog…

“Izzy brought home another poor friend for the Bank Holiday. She seems to pick them up like strays. This little boy lives in a TERRACED HOUSE!! No driveway, front lawn or even a Gate Lodge! How do they take deliveries and keep the riff raff out?  I asked Nanny to make up some extra sandwiches for him to take home – I just can’t resist a charitable cause – but I really do worry about the sort of people Izzy is mixing with …”

It sounds like Plummy isn’t going to be blogging more than every couple of weeks, as she has her plate full this term. It’s hard enough finding time for the hairdressers every day, and now she’s overcommitted to about 5 charity committees. And Izzy wonders why she can’t help with her homework!

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