Perfect Wedding Photographs
Perfect Wedding Photographs

This is my last cartoon about Summer Weddings and Perfect Wedding Photographs are on the agenda. Why don’t bridesmaids and pageboys behave the way we’d like them to? You can rehearse them for hours, days and weeks. They will do everything perfectly. UNTIL the day itself. I was a bridesmaid at my uncle’s wedding and of course behaved absolutely perfectly. I don’t remember getting my dress mucky before the wedding had even started, I don’t remember drowning out the speeches by yelling as loudly as possible, and I certainly don’t remember getting stuck into all the smoked salmon canapes before anyone else had a chance. But then I don’t remember a great deal about the dim and distant past these days. As children are reliably unreliable, why on earth do we pick them to do one of the most important jobs in our lives? Grown-ups are so much more responsible – aren’t they? So when things don’t always turn out the way you want, what do you do? Accept that getting married is one of those times that however much you prepare, the unexpected is going to happen. The bride running off with the best man; the Mother of the Groom getting very drunk and doing a striptease; the top tier falling off the cake; the heavens opening … what else? Answers on a virtual postcard please by Friday. Or leave a comment below 🙂

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