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This is a Britmums Live post IN ADVANCE of the actual event this weekend. Everyone warns me that despite being a brilliant couple of days, it’s emotionally and physically draining. Therefore, in case I’m too knackered to draw straight for a while afterwards, here’s one I’ve prepared earlier!

The very people we spend half our lives blogging about are the little guys we’ve left behind in the safe care of relatives or friends.

But what are they actually doing? Do they miss us when we’re away? Will their Dads take as good care of them as we obviously do? Hmmm.

Serial Mum’s coming to the conference and has absolutely NO NEED to worry, Shaggy Daddy’s taking all the children, apart from the tiniest, to the swings and then tucking them up safely in bed.


Shaggy Daddy at festival
Shaggy Daddy at Camp Grungival


Next week, you can see what the other Dads have been getting up to when the cat’s away. There’ll be prizes for your best stories – what did you find on returning home after a weekend in the Big Smoke?

I hope everyone has/had a great time, and make sure you walk tall into Britmums Live on Friday afternoon. In the week leading up to it, we’ve been urged by our beloved leader to be ‘less bashful’ about being British, I say let’s be a bit less bashful about being Bloggers.

While ruminating on the meaning of the word ‘bashful’, I came up with 4 interpretations.

1.  Bashful was of course one of the Seven Dwarves. Now, I can understand David Cameron not wanting us to be like one of Snow White’s little henchmen, but what other dwarf role models are there? Let’s see, there are the ones from The Hobbit: Óin, Bóing, Gróin, Stróin? Don’t think so. We should stick with Disney, sets a much more authoritative example for a Prime Minister. Yup, let’s be less Bashful and more Mickey Mouse, Dave. 

David Cameron

2.  Bashful means shy, reserved, self-effacing and perhaps modest. British people are often characterised by these traits, so if we’re less ‘bashful’ we’ll also be, ipso facto, LESS BRITISH! Another Cameroonian oxymoron.

3.  The third thought I had about being Bashful was simply this: whilst I’m proud to be British, I’m also not entirely sure that it means the same thing to all the 60 million odd people in the UK. After centuries of imperialist expansion – or bashing other chaps abroad – isn’t it better to listen to each other and enjoy our differences? Let’s be less bashful Dave, and celebrate all peaceful world religions and cultures as well as our great British traditions of curry, stir-fry, spaghetti bolognese, lasagne, macaroni cheese, baked potatoes, chilli con carne, and chips with everything … knocked back with rum, brandy, Cognac, gin, vodka and Champagne. Oh, nearly forgot – tea and coffee ! *

Boys fighting













4.  But I think, when old podgy face says ‘let’s be less bashful …’ he’s really talking to the female half of the British population. It’s women who need more confidence, not men, and this became obvious over the question of what to wear for Britmums Live.

It’s a Blogging Conference: by Bloggers, for Bloggers and about Bloggers. But what are we stressing about? What is everyone having meltdowns over? WHAT TO WEAR for goodness sake!! Centuries of being judged by appearances have turned us into wardrobe approval-seeking zombies. Crazy isn’t it?

If I look a bit odd this weekend, it’ll only be because, like Serial Mum, I’ve fallen prey to this same insecurity and couldn’t decide which of my outfits to bring.


Serial Mum at Britmums Live


The dress I bought specially for the event just fell through – don’t ask – so it was a wake-up call to focus on what’s really important. What? Oh yeah, the drinks. So, if you’re reading this before 20th June, I can’t wait to meet you. If you’re reading this during Britmums Live, put it away, you should have a drink in one hand (after all, it is called The Brewery) and be taking notes with the other! And if you’re reading this any time after Saturday, give me a shout. But please, not too loud.


*All these originally came from overseas




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    1. I have everything laid out on the bed, so will have to sleep on sofa tonight. Thanks for passing by Louise and look forward to seeing what you’re wearing x

    1. Thanks Gina 🙂 I’m wondering whether any sponsors will be interested in a blogger who wears all her outfits at the same time. Well, it saves on suitcases doesn’t it x

  1. love it, v funny and good point about appearances being so important to us when maybe they shouldn’t 🙂 see, even with that phrase I’m being typically British and sitting on the fence!!

    1. Glad you like! I’ll add ‘sitting on the fence’ as being typically British, Steph. But on the other hand maybe not 😉 x

    1. You too Anya (now that I’ve finally got my outfits sorted!!) and thanks for stopping by. See you tomorrow with sketchbook and pen 🙂

  2. Brilliant. Horrible Histories has a fantastic song called “British Things” about the Victorians – have a quick look on Youtube 🙂 I am sure you will look gorgeous lovely. I hope to meet you and see you drawing away! x 🙂

    1. I must have a look – perhaps on train on way to London this morning. I’ll turn my smartphone up loud so everyone can enjoy it! Look forward to seeing you later x 🙂

    1. Thank you Sarah 🙂 Have decided to wear jeans and T shirt after all. Saving my dress and tiara for later. Best to feel at ease isn’t it.

  3. Your dress ‘fell through’? I thought you looked fabulous lady! So lovely to meet you even if it was far too brief – I had so many incidents like this over the weekend. I hope you had an amazing time and I look forward to reading your write up 🙂

    1. With two week to go, I ordered a dress online having tried on similar one here. Two days before Britmums, it hadn’t arrived so I called shop who said, “Oh, we didn’t have your size so we didn’t send it” Lots of grrrrs later, I decided to wear my ‘old’ Betty Jackson and glad I did as other one would have been too hot and figure hugging. Too much information! But thanks for vote of confidence Suzanne 🙂 Taking my time over write-up and in meantime have posted about something more important than Britmums Good to hear from you and I’m sure we’ll meet properly another time x

    1. Thank you! They were certainly there in force and I could have introduced you to them all 🙂 Another time maybe

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