When it comes to blogging it’s a jungle out there. Mission Mum’s Blog is the very best though, and she likes to think she could teach Mary Poppins, Jo Frost and Nanny McPhee a trick or two.

I’m always on the lookout for good tips though I never seem to hear the same suggestions twice. It used to be so easy having a small child I could just pick up and put in bed knowing they’d stay there until morning. Now, whether I’m strict or not, there will always be a plaintiff voice at the top of the stairs calling out for one of us half an hour after bedtime. It’s normally to do with being too dark outside, or too light, or are there really people prepared to fly to Mars and not come back and why onions have so many skins. (That’s an easy answer – they only have one). The flood of questions normally coincides with us sitting down to eat or about to watch a favourite show on the box. Are kids programmed to spoil our downtime? Is it really in their interest to have a crotchety parent paying them attention than none at all? What’s the strangest thing your child has ever asked you?

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  1. Sad to say this is me… Good intentions falling so short!
    The British Museum one had me in stitches. How do I send it to friends? (prehistoric technophobe mum)

    1. It’s me too. Still not had the ‘stork’ discussion. To forward this, just click anywhere on the cartoon page and go up to ‘File’ in the header bar and scroll down to ’email Page Location’: Ta da you have a ready made email for your friends. (Or you can copy and paste the whole URL address into an email). If your kids go to a halfway decent school with ICT classes, you could ask them 🙂 Thanks so much for leaving a message btw x

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