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Mission Mum and the Easter Hols 6


MISSION MUM AND THE EASTER HOLS – Let me introduce you to my friend Mission Mum.  As you can see, she is leaving no stone unturned to create geniuses (sorry, or genii) out of her children: Persephone and Dante.  Being the first in her family to go to University (Manchester, where else?), Mission is in no doubt she will be visiting her kids as undergraduates at Oxford or Cambridge one day. The holidays are no time for messing around on the ski slopes or ‘hanging out’ with their friends.  She is married to Mamil (Middle Aged Man in Lycra), who is normally off on extended cycling trips somewhere and anyway wouldn’t dare disagree with his wife.



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6 thoughts on “Mission Mum and the Easter Hols

  1. EmmaT says:

    Love the Easter holiday drawings Jo – they are wonderful! Think I need to harness a bit of my inner Mission Mum next week, but today I am Smug Mum who has managed to persuade her children that housework is great fun!

  2. Jo says:

    Thanks so much. It’s lovely getting feedback as I never know if there’s anyone out there. I like the Smug Mum bit, I have an extra child this weekend so will try and persuade them that vacuuming is where it’s at. After we’ve returned from our virtual visit to Aintree of course ! :)

  3. Kavita Pal says:

    Absolutely love the Mission Mum. Hate to admit, but sometimes I can so easily be like her. Thanks for reminding me that it can at times lead us where we don’t want to take our children yet. And of course, to research out destination well before dragging our children there.

    Great fun, thanks for sharing your blogs, they will certainly be added to my favourites.

  4. This is ME!! I’m even married to a MAMIL myself! And my children have already been to the Pompeii exhibition…oh yes. I think its my duty! Please visit my blog which you will enjoy.
    Love the drawings. Hilarious!

    • Jo says:

      Glad you like the drawings, they’re not based on anyone I’ve ever met. Not much! I’ve visited your blog also – excellent!

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