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Maxi Mum’s Writer’s Block


Maxi Mum’s Writer’s Block is getting her down! Once, like her, you’ve exploited every crude, hilarious, embarrassing and daft thing your children have ever done, what do you do next? Write about every crude, hilarious, embarrassing and daft thing everyone else’s children have done of course. Best way to guarantee no one will ever talk to you at the school gate again. But what do you do if you’ve ever been stuck for ideas? For this week’s competition, I want to know how you overcome Creative Constipation.   The best solution receives a free copy of my children’s book, ‘The Barmies’.


HRH The Duchess of Cambridge

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Lisa - 22 September 2013

Lisa @ here.

I’ve been scrolling through your cartoons sniggering to myself in a very self satisfied way because I know at least one of every mum type on here. Then I read this and smugness came to an abrupt end because I’m definitely guilty of this. Think you may be my new favourite blog.

    Jo - 23 September 2013

    Thanks so much. I was smug on so many levels and then realised I am ALL these mums at different times. Well maybe not Serial Mum apart from the occasional Maria von Trapp fantasies

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