Late for School

Late for School

Overslept1C Late for School

It’s that time of the year – exhaustion all ’round and the festivities haven’t even begun. The days are dragging until the end of term, and the mornings seem to be getting darker and earlier. Getting out of bed with alacrity is not a quality I have been gifted with.

But have you ever been late for school? I remember the first time it happened for us. We got to the classroom several minutes after class had started. Even though the weeping and screaming were over …

Overslept21 Late for School



…. I was still a wreck.

Who on earth first thought that getting small children (let alone their aged parents) out of bed, washed, dressed and fed at such an unearthly time of the day was a good idea? I AM Pyjama Ma. In the mornings anyway.



Lateforschool2C Late for School



  1. Start school in the afternoon when everyone’s a bit calmer
  2. Allow the grown-ups to go to work whenever they want, and when we’ve had a few hours to remember which books and kit to take in.
  3. The roads wouldn’t be jammed with rush-hour traffic and the buses wouldn’t be held up with endless queues of people scrabbling for their fare and paying in 2p pieces (I’m sorry, but it’s all I had on me).
  4. I’d have had my post-prandial nap and the kids would have had a chance to catch up with their favourite telly programmes and finish off a spot of daydreaming. Everything would be rosy.

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Overslept4 Late for School



What one major change would you make to the curriculum ?

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