Happy New Year to all and a warm welcome back to Heir Raising – the Blogsite that gives you tips on how to and how not to raise your heirs. We’ve just finished all our Thank You letters and my good friend Serial Mum wanted to publish hers on my my site. Here it is:

Dear Santa,

We hope you and the reindeer got back to Lapland safely in the end. Apologies again for not telling you about bricking up the fireplace. Getting into the house through the tumble dryer extractor vent couldn’t have been easy for you. I completely forgot to take the clothes out of the machine, so really sorry you ended up with my Dad’s boxers on your head. And the only explanation I can give for the dog biting your ankle, is that he was rescued as a puppy from a horrible owner who was fat and wore a red sweater and trousers.

Thank you so much for all the presents, and I wanted you to know we won’t be returning anything this year. 
You are probably aware that you aren’t the only one to have delivered gifts over the last few weeks. The doorbell was ringing its little batteries out recently as the online shops all sent their parcels at the same time. As usual, I had ‘mis-clicked’ on some of the websites and ordered several times the number of items that I wanted. I managed to cancel a few of them in time before they were dispatched, so some presents didn’t turn up at all, but we also now have a large enough stock of woolly hats for the whole village to survive the next ice age. 

Therefore, you’ll be happy to know we will be using only your services next year.

Love from,

Serial Mum and Family


Next Time …

How our friends had to swim out of their Sussex house at 3am in the pitch black on Christmas Eve. Yes the same one we stayed in here.


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    1. Ha! Sounds like you’ve got it sorted, we’ll take a leaf out of your book for next year. Hope the Giroose slept through it all too or it might have taken off to Lapland for a jolly ride with the reindeer.

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