HigherFlyer'spasswordwithoutcopyrightBack to the Mummies this week after a very self-indulgent couple of posts about cakes. This is from the archives but I think it deserves another airing. It’s a snapshot of Higher Flyer’s intimate moment with her son. They only get together a few times a year as she always seems to be at a VERY IMPORTANT MEETING a long way away. But if Davina McCall can complete a triathlon and present successful TV shows, surely Higher Flyer can run and bond with Seb at the same time. I don’t find it easy to have a Parent/Child talk at the moment either. What about you? This is our typical school day:

Child:                       “Mum, I really need to talk to you”

Me:                          “Of course, love. Can it keep till I’m awake?”

Child:                       “Is this a good time to talk?”

Me(in the shower):     “I’ve got soap in my ears, wait till breakfast”

Child(at breakfast):    “Mushlushhpllushhmmushhhslurpp”

Child(on school run):  “Can’t talk now, got to learn my lines”

Me(after school):        “Want to talk to me?”

Child:                        Looks like stunned mullet on way home

Me (at home):            “Anything you want to tell me, sweetheart?”

Child:                        “Got to re-do my homework first”

Me:                           “Suppertime! We can have a nice chat now”

Child:                        “Nummyumcrunchhschlumnchslurrpp”

Me(at bedtime):         “Finally! Now what is it you wanted to say?”

Child:                        “I can’t remember”



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