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Higher Flyer


This is Higher Flyer, who I’ve only known for a couple of years.  We hardly ever meet in fact because she’s always jetting off to a vital meeting in another country. Working in high finance, the world never sleeps. She has one son, Sebastian who she supposes she loves.  It’s a bloody nuisance sometimes having a child and having to organise his life.  Much better leave it to Simon who has just a little more time for childcare after doing his property deals.  Thank heavens for Granny!  In a few days you can see where they’ll be spending the holidays.

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Rahmani - 1 April 2013

Ronald Searle, move over and let the lady through!

    Jo - 1 April 2013

    Thank you dear Sir! Ronald Searle being one of my heroes, I receive your comment as a great honour. Almost met him once (a long story) but now alas, it’s too late. Have just posted my penultimate Easter cartoon if you’d care to take a butchers. 🙂

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