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As I was drawing this, I remembered being told off by my son last year for using a “VERY rude word”. Couldn’t think what it could be as I never, EVER swear. Well not that day, and not THAT rude. Anyway, he’d seen a letter I’d written and at the top of the second page was “…/Cont.”  How I’d like to sit in on their English lessons sometimes.

What do you think? Am I just tapping into the Zeitgeist or is this blog more influential than I ever thought possible? I gave the name Esmé in these cartoons to the cleverest of the Heir Raising children just to find out a popular primetime TV programme has COPIED me!! We sat down to watch ‘Outnumbered‘ the other night in order to feel both smug and terrified, and I thought five things:

  1. Ben can’t be thirteen – he’s enormous. Can he ?!?
  2. How come Karen’s hair was straightened and dyed brown without any explanation?
  3. Has she gone to a private school or a high-achieving designer-uniformed Grammar?
  4. Would I even have bothered to humour her about a hamster missing for two months?
  5. Why did they use the name Esmé for the annoying, smart kid? That’s ‘MY’ name.
  6. Does any of this really matter? I suspect not. But look forward to the best answers !

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  1. Gifted and Talented makes me laugh. I have a friend who proudly boasted his daughter had been put into the G&T section of the class within a few weeks of starting reception. Little did he know, that’s not necessarily a good thing…

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