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Get Fit !

Get Fit !

I’m on stage at The Oxford Playhouse next week and need to shape up. I found an excellent way of both having the toned muscles of a Wimbledon champion and getting to embarrass my child at the same time.

Watched a Get Fit video from the USA and have been religiously copying Mrs Workout to get those firm arms in time for the gig. Just why I bought a dress with no sleeves is a mystery, but in defiance of those winter bingo wings, I’ve been working out something rotten.

1.    A heavy saucepan in each hand, stretch out your arms to the side and make 20 small circular movements first forward and then backwards. If the saucepans are different weights, just bung a few lemons or a bag of flour in the lighter one.

2.   You can also ‘bench press’ a desk or kitchen cabinet with locked elbows. Surprisingly hard but effective. On the way back from drop-off this morning, I popped into my local bookshop and did a few of these on the counter while chatting with the lovely woman who works there. She didn’t express surprise as most of the people who live around here are a bit on the eccentric side. I’m not of course.

If you haven’t booked already, make sure you come along and laugh at me on Friday 23rd January


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Lady Liberty Hen - 18 January 2015

You will be TOTALLY FABULOUS on stage on Friday- I shall be gunning for you! xx

    Jo Sandelson - 18 January 2015

    Thanks so much – the countdown has started. X

Suzanne3childrenandit - 22 January 2015

Am I the first person to click on your link?! You will be fabulous jo, I know it. Best of luck x

    Jo Sandelson - 22 January 2015

    Bless you! Now I have TWO:) Thanks for best wishes Suzanne – only 36 hours to go …

Izzie Anderton - 24 January 2015

Here’s hoping last night was completely awesome… can’t wait to hear about it!

Alice Elliott - 26 January 2015

My daughter is forever going on at me to get fitter. She unkindly compares her size 8 legs with mine which are size 16, which could easily fit two of hers into one of mine. But whenever I suggest she could exercise with me to keep me company and give me the necessary incentive, suddenly the idea is far too embarrassing and totally out of the question. You can never win…

Jess Paterson - 1 February 2015

Ha ha, Jo, love how you got down and bench-pressed in your local bookshop! I’m sure you looked brilliant on stage and I’m looking forward to hearing how it went Sorry I didn’t come this time, I suspected that my sister would be having a party as her birthday is the 22nd, which is why I didn’t commit, and she did, but I hope to come to one this year. Hope all is well with you. xxx

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