Shortlisted happy

I’ve been Shortlisted for a Brilliance in Blogging Award!!

Apart from one or two tweets and a BiB Badge on the Blog, I hadn’t done a great deal to ask for votes. Frankly, I was a bit embarrassed to ask.

Well, I did canvas the local shopkeepers and coffee bar people who get most of my money, but they all looked at my business card as though it would be in the bin with the used paper latte cups as soon as I walked out of the door.

So a HUGE THANK YOU to every one of you who did vote! You’ve made me one happy blogger.

My son is too young to vote as he doesn’t have his own email address, but when he heard my exciting news, said :


“It’s because you’re funny, Mummy”

“Really? Oh thank you sweetheart”

“Yes very funny…… in your own way”


Adorable. Find the kid an agent.

I’m trying to ignore him but he isn’t taking any notice.


Talking of being passive aggressive, or whatever the term is for not expressing yourself in a direct way, I’m not very good at campaigning either.


These are my three top voting tactics:

  1.  “Sorry to bother you, I don’t suppose you’d like to vote for my Blog?”
  2.  “Please can you spare a minute? Oh ok never mind then”
  3.  “There are 16 Blogs in my category, and they’re all terrific. Perhaps you could vote for one of us”

So I’m enrolling my Cartoon Mums to help me.

They’ll be sending messages out on my behalf asking you to vote Heir Raising into the finals. They don’t mind rejection as they have the advantage of not being real. A bit like imaginary friends for grown-ups.

In the meantime, to paraphrase a really famous post :


And if you don’t vote:



Now, help me get to the Finals! If you’ve ever sniggered, snorted, giggled or guffawed on this site, please vote for Heir Raising as a finalist in the ‘Laugh’ category by clicking on the BiB badge in the right margin (or if you’re on a smartphone, wherever it ends up) .

Or click here

Thank you! Oh yes and one vote only per person or they won’t count. That includes you, Mum if you ever get around to working out how to switch the computer on.


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    1. Hi Kara, one of my uncles was an MP and he revelled in canvassing for votes even when he didn’t get in the first time, or the second, or the …. Obviously I didn’t inherit the campaigning gene! I never mind doing it for someone else probably like you, just awkward as you say when its for oneself. Good luck to you too xx

  1. HI Jo, congratulations on making the shortlist! Very well deserved, your blog is heirlarious (um, see what I did there?!) I’m there too by some twist of fate – I’m suggesting we settle the matter in the jelly wrestling ring? I would say PIctionary, but you are WAY too good at drawing so would be no fair! Either way, I hope we both get through to the final and look forward to meeting you at #BritMumsLive if you’re going? x

    1. Hi Jess, Lovely to hear from you and congrats yourself – well deserved too 🙂 Thanks for great pun on my website name. Would never have thought of that. Now the jelly wrestling ring sounds just up my street, but normally only do it when there’s bananas included. I never win Pictionary btw because I’m too busy drawing Sistine Chapel-type things while others draw winning squiggles which everyone else gets straight away. Yup, hope we both get thro and look forward to meeting you too at #BML. x

  2. Am made up for you JO! Raising a virtual gin to you getting all the way to the finals and then some.
    GO JO GO JO GO JO etc etc etc.
    Well done lovely – much deserved xxxx

    1. You are SUCH a sweetie. Think you should win prize for being most supportive blogger around as well as the funniest. Glad we’re not in same category. I wouldn’t stand a chance ;)) XX

  3. Looks just like my wife! We all love your style: cartoons AND writing: much more fun than Mum/Dadsnet though not as rude. You’ve got our votes 🙂

    1. Thanks for the vote/s of confidence! Not had much time to read Mumsnet lately – hear it’s quite fruity though !

  4. You’ve got to stop being shy about asking for votes, Jo – get onto Twitter and schedule a request for votes every hour. I do just that. Also I will be sending out a request on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ groups later. If you don’t ask, you won’t get.

    1. You’ve really incentivized me Alice. Have never entered anything before as I hate asking or being seen to ask. Have contacted local media and not heard back as well as shyly going around a few local shops, but am going to make more of an effort even if my troll turns up again telling me not to …

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