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We interrupt our series on Summer Weddings with a nod to Dads everywhere. Happy Father’s Day 2013! See if you can match all the Dads above with our Mums. A prize if you get it correct. From Top Left: Dongle Dad (the IT expert), Ollie Gorky (Ukrainian Gas Billionnaire), Shaggy Daddy (New Age Man), DS Dad (Donor Sperm Dad), DIY Dad (things fall apart), SAHD (Stay At Home Dad), ‘It’s a Deal’ Dad (self-explanatory), Part-Time Dad (aka Divorced Dad), and in the middle is MAMIL (Middle Aged Man in Lycra). As you will see, there are 9 men and only 8 Mums. That’s because an extra one sneaked in as a boyfriend rather than a partner or husband. Guess who?

I can’t for the life of me think who I live with. Perhaps a mix of all the above or none. Come to think of it though, he can’t be a MAMIL as there isn’t an inch of lycra in the house and the bike has been in the shed untouched for nearly 10 years. He’s not a Billionnaire (as far as I know), and though he’s been to his fair share of festivals, can’t say he’s a Shaggy Daddy – well he didn’t make any attempt to go to Glastonbury.

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  1. Ooh, fun – ok, how’s this for starters… am I warm?

    Serial Mum – Dharma Dad
    Runny Mummy – MAMIL
    Plummy Mummy – Ollie Gorky
    High Flyer – It’s a Deal Dad

    I’m still pondering on the others…!

    1. Yes, warm! You have 3 out of 5 correct 🙂 BTW I called him Dharma Da and not Dharma Dad, but wonder whether Dad isn’t better. Perhaps ‘Da’ isn’t used so much nowadays ? Feedback welcome x

    1. I really don’t think I can beat that. Sounds ‘interesting’. At least you’ll never have to pay for IT or bike repairs again.

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