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Giving in to your toddler with sweets and fizzy drinks is the thin end of a Wii-shaped wedge, so I recommend starting young with discipline and not giving an inch. Perhaps kids learn threatening behaviour from their elders, or maybe it’s just one of the many things that come in their baby toolbox like knowing how to be rewarded with food by making very loud noises in public places.  So when the green-eyed monster inside a red-faced offspring has you fantasising about looking up the local adoption and fostering services, just stand your ground and tell the tiny terrorist that you’re just “not bothered”. If that doesn’t work and you find yourself exiled from their Facebook page and other chat forums, come back to me for tips on a modern day version of how to read their diaries. Can’t promise any great success though. Meanwhile, if you have any good ideas, please click on ‘Read More’ below and leave a comment.

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