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Is your child clever? I mean REALLY clever? Plummy Mummy, seen at the top with Serial Mum, is convinced her own daughter Izzy is an undiscovered genius. Though, in fact, I don’t know any Mums, ANYWHERE, who would be surprised if their child were put on the G&T register*. I think Plummy would like a bit more acknowledgement from the school that Izzy was heading for great things – it would be so nice to be able to let the other Mums know too. She doesn’t believe Serial Mum for a moment – poor little Esmé must be up all hours being drilled by that frightful mother with her ‘vintage’ clothes and loose relationship with domestic order.

So, what do you say when a Mum saunters up to you at Pick-Up and gloats about how clever her offspring is. Do you say:

  1. “Well done him/her! You must be very proud to have such a brainy child, which surely means you and his/her father are brilliant too”.
  2. “Are you ……’s Mum or am I confusing you with a sociopath who lacks any sense of empathy or basic human tact?”
  3. “I am glad (insert child’s name) is doing so well, though just wondered how he/she’s coping with the OCD/anger issues/toilet training etc. these days?

*G&T (for children) = Gifted and Talented
G&T (for adults) = with a slice of lime of course!

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12 thoughts on “Gifted & Talented

  1. I would most likely say all three comments under my breath.

    • Jo says:

      Me too. I always imagine I’m going to come out with something along these lines, but when it comes to it am just too damned polite!

  2. Ha!! Love this Jo.

    Number 1 always – rising it above it winds people up more ;)

  3. Brilliant! As always. I really do try to give the number 1 response but sometimes through gritted teeth (definitely depends on the nature of the person sharing the information!).

  4. Angela says:

    Number 1, but I don’t praise the parents only lol I had a parent once complain to the school because my son was put on a particular reading programme and their child wasn’t! She asked me why my child and not hers when they are both at the same level in class, I just shrugged my shoulders and said it was probably school budget :-)

    • Jo says:

      Your story doesn’t surprise me, Angela. I know someone like that who started to question not only the teacher’s judgement but the whole school in general. I think you win the prize for diplomacy, though a mother like this might start a whip ’round to buy more books for the class!

  5. Lisa says:

    Arghhh, too true. I generally go with “piss off” muttered under my breath.

    • Jo says:

      Perhaps they’re driven by insecurity and a need to be validated through their children? That’s me being both charitable and psychological ;)

  6. I just don’t really talk to any of the other mums as I’m generally answering emails. So, um, that’s my tip. You’re welcome :p

    PS My son must be a genius. It’s the only explanation for how he is able to outwit me so often ;)

    • Jo says:

      What a great idea – maybe I’ll start to answer emails too even when I don’t get any. PS your son and mine must be related then ;) Either that or we’re losing it …

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