Yesterday we took our son and his friend out of school a WHOLE 15 mins EARLY to come here.

Wormsley cricket ground in Buckinghamshire is where I spent a glorious afternoon watching two brothers and two nephews play a game of cricket they’ll never forget.


My family and Chris Gayle


What a chance to see my family playing with the great cricketer, Jamaican Chris Gayle, arguably the best in the world, and Dwayne Bravo from Trinidad who’s right up there too.

Wormsley has the most wonderful lawn I’ve ever seen and a stunning view over gentle rolling Buckinghamshire countryside.


My family and Chris Gayle

Two of my nephews looking fit to burst with pride. You don’t often get a chance to have a Masterclass like this!  I was so proud of them rising to the challenge and having the guts to get out there and play with a real champion. And WHAT a nice guy too – he didn’t stop smiling all afternoon and seemed to love signing the kids’ bats and shirts as well as answering their questions and chatting with them.


My family and Chris Gayle

There wasn’t much point in my nephew running, Mr Gayle was hitting six after six!


My family and Chris Gayle

What a cool customer – why waste energy when you don’t have to?


My family and Chris Gayle


In the break I got a chance to hang out with Chris and get a Masterclass of my own in how to be the best at whatever you do.

1. Practise ALOT

2. Visualise yourself winning

3. Put everything aside when you go onto the pitch and flick an internal switch so you are 100% focused

4. Enjoy yourself


My family and Chris Gayle

My brother retiring after a decent innings

My family and Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle going in to bat


My family and Chris Gayle

Brother heading for the tea tent!

All this time, my son and his friend (aged 11 and only here for the food) were in deep discussion about Superheroes and their girlfriends (WAGS).  A lull in conversation and friend looks vaguely out at the pitch. He asks,

“Which one is your Uncle then?”

“He’s the Doorstop” replies son.

Tomorrow is my parents’ 58th Wedding anniversary. They are sort of hoping for a telegram (or Instagram) from The Queen. I’ve explained she just does birthdays and anyway Her Majesty will be buried too far beneath her own second pile in two months to send them an anniversary card. I do think they deserve one though. All you have to do to get to 100 is just stay alive, but living with someone for such a long time is a bloody miracle in my books. Just thought I should have called it Over Half a Century and Not Out!

It was great to see them at the cricket match, drinks in hand and enjoying the game. They aren’t as robust as in previous years, but thrilled to chat with a couple of their cricketing heroes.

I’ve drawn them a cartoon because my Mum said it was a perfect day APART FROM her not being able to see the action close up.

So if you see an older couple tottering along the road hand-in-hand wearing battered straw hats, please don’t show them this until the postman arrives with their card tomorrow. Thanks.


My family and Chris Gayle

Do you like cricket and have you been inspired by a great sportsperson? Please do leave a comment.


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  1. I love this post, Jo!
    Ex hubster was a good amateur cricketer back in the day (before things started seizing up lol)and both my eldest sons have played so once upon a time my life was very much about cricket and I grew to love the game despite my years of ‘tea duty’ avoidance. I saw many interesting characters in the overseas professionals who played each year. Cricket is a great game on a nice summers day, it can’t be beaten for entertainment. Oh, and there’s usually a bar so what’s not to like? ha ha I love that picture of your nephews with Chris Gayle, they won’t forget that day. Great stuff! X

    1. So you of all people would really ‘get’ this Tracy! Sounds like you had some amazing times. I am a complete fairweather sports person and only know whats going on when there’s a huge event or am at my parents’ or brothers’. My Dad should be an England selector for the amount he knows and how flat his bum is from watching the game live and on tv over the last 80 years or so! Thanks so much for dropping by X

  2. Such a lovely post and such an amazing once in a lifetime experience for your family. I love Chris Gayle’s advice – I think we could all learn something from that.
    Happy anniversary to your parents – that’s a very good innings!

    1. Oh that’s really sweet of you – yes I rang them this morning and said congratulations, I cant wait for the card to arrive – think I’ve captured them and Mr Gayle though can’t imagine he’d ever whack the ball only a few feet! I love your ‘good innings’ comment, though my Dad would prob say keep it for his eulogy when he actually goes. Chris’ advice was amazing and obvious at the same time – wish I’d listened to all those primary school teachers who’d tried and failed to drum things like that into my head all those years ago. x

  3. Brilliant post! What an opportunity for you all – who enjoyed it more, you or your nephews?! Great capture at the end there from you. I’m sure your parents will love it, 58 years is quite something to be proud of 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Suzanne. I think we all enjoyed it in different ways. My nephews will never forget that day after meeting and playing with one of their heroes. For me it was great being with almost the whole family, but the BBQ dinner in the marquee was what I was waiting for really. My mum keeps asking if she’ll get a telegram from the Queen. Although she’s confusing birthdays and anniversaries I think she’s right, you only have to stay alive to get to 100 but staying married for 58 years?! 😉 #loudnproud

    1. Well I never knew that! Only two years to go if they make it. My Dad has been threatening to shuffle off his mortal coil for at least the last 15 years but will hopefully live to celebrate their 60th. Thanks for commenting Erica – I saw your son likes cricket which is why i sent it to you 🙂

  4. What an amazing opportunity for the boys and you. they certainly look happy out there on the pitch and I’m not surprised. I love the 4 factors for success, the visualizing yourself winning is a great one. I’m going to remember this.

    1. Yes, interesting how that advice really caught my attention too, Fiona. I’ve been visualising all sorts of things since then!

  5. It is strange for sure when they finally cut those apron strings pronouncing they can do it alone, but as you say it does have its upsides too and the fact is they never really stop needing you do they? Thanks for coming back again Jo. #TweensTeensBeyond

    1. My pleasure Jo. Frankly i can’t remember much of what i did before linkys came along. 🙂 Jo #tweensteensbeyond

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