Why don’t primary schools teach Logic? What use is History, Geog, Biology, Maths, Eng Lit. and Lang etc. if you can’t make sense. As the Prime Minister of the UK, Theresa May backed Brexit after the June 23rd Referendum. What her private thoughts were on the matter we’ll never really know as her words were obfuscating in the extreme when asked directly on many occasions which way she would vote. However, now the High Court has voted for Parliament to have a debate before Article 50 is triggered. This is surely what Democracy rather than Dictatorship means.

What irony then that having embraced Brexit completely as the new Prime Minister, (“Brexit means Brexit!”), she might now be forced to look back to Europe to resolve this growing judicial dilemma, depending on the judgement of the Supreme Court.

No man, or woman, is an island Prime Minister, so let us respect our lawmakers before our little country splutters into the North Atlantic like a deflated party balloon, giving only pleasure and credence with its dying raspberry to one-dimentional thought and rhetoric. Let the courts decide.

We have to teach our children to respect the law of the land. That should apply to everyone.

Even politicians.


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