Can’t wait to see you at Blogfest 2014, but are you wondering like me what’ll be going on at home? Will they cope?

Here are some of my friends’ kids the last time they were left on their own without you.


Essential research



A cultural weekend



Now where did the kids go?



The advantage of being left (almost alone) at the weekend








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  1. Oh, so glad you are going too Jo! Can’t wait to see you again. I still have that £20 tissue in my purse 🙂 Oh, and my children will be eating sweets with their Dad I’m sure 😉

    1. Hope you got back to the family before they had a chance to miss you. Twas good to see you again and you give such lovely hugs which made our mini-chat worth it! Thanks for leaving a comment Hayley 🙂

    1. Hi Joy – good to catch up with you yesterday – and looking so glam too. Was sorry not to have a potential bedfellow to look for this year, amazing how easy it is to miss people. By the time it gets to ginfest, can’t remember who I’m looking for anyway, and it wasn’t quite as much fun without the clickable lanyards! x

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