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My BBC Radio interview about Heir Raising!

This is me being interviewed last Tuesday on BBC Radio Oxford. The lovely Kat Orman and I talked about Heir Raising, Britmums, Blogging and cartoons …

And here’s the second half ….

… Do put your head around the door and have a listen. Near the end, I made the mistake of pretending to be Plummy Mummy and said, “Anyway, I must go to the hairdressers”, so she thought I really needed to whizz off! Not sure how happy I am to be thought of as the real thing !!



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Abby boid - 22 May 2014

How utterly fabulous. Looking forward to
Listening Plummy mummy 😉

    Jo - 22 May 2014

    Ah, Abby as I feel we know each other a little, why don’t we be daringly informal and you can just call me ‘Your Ladyship’ 😉

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