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Be Happy

AFTER Family Links

            My 9 year old son didn’t believe he’d won a prize for his illustrated poem last week, but when we arrived at The Story Museum in Oxford last week, and saw his work mounted and framed on smart black display panels, he looked hugely relieved. The charity Family Links […]

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Divorced Dad

Sorry this took so long to put up. It was with the lawyers in case there was anything contentious in the post. Divorced Dad has the kids a couple of nights a week unless he’s working abroad or working a broad (as his ex calls the girlfriend). He books into a B&B not far away […]

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School ‘Uniform’

If your child is ‘lucky’ enough to go to a school with no uniform, you may have come across the fine social distinctions that kids make when assessing what someone else is wearing. Otherwise known as straightforward snobbery, what a boy or girl wears to school is as much school ‘Uniform’ as this. I have […]

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Father’s Day 2013

    We interrupt our series on Summer Weddings with a nod to Dads everywhere. Happy Father’s Day 2013! See if you can match all the Dads above with our Mums. A prize if you get it correct. From Top Left: Dongle Dad (the IT expert), Ollie Gorky (Ukrainian Gas Billionnaire), Shaggy Daddy (New Age […]

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This week, Heir Raising is taking a look at what happens when kids become more independent. In the playground, Oscar and Dante’s parents are making great progress as is Ollie Gorky, Plummy Mummy’s boyfriend. Heir Raising will be tackling deeply problematic parenting problems in an expertly educational, though faintly ridiculous way.   Read More

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