Red Face Day

red nose day

Why is your face  RED  today?     Are you a baby?     Are you a toddler? Are you a teenager?   Are you pregnant?     Are you menopausal?   Which one are you? I’ll give £5 to Comic Relief for the best reply …        

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Caption Competition extension date

Caption Competition

By popular demand we’re extending the Caption Competition till the last day in March! We’ve already had a few terrific entries – see what you can come up with … the wackier the better The winning entry will receive a pack of six of these hand printed cards with their caption printed under the cartoon! Enter now by […]

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Caption Competition – Great prizes!

Caption Competition

ROLL UP ROLL UP !! I’ve rounded up some of my fellow slaves – sorry mothers – in the coffee shop and chatted with the others online to see what they make of this week’s Caption Competition.  Can you beat them to win half a dozen original handmade Heir Raising greetings cards with your very own prize-winning […]

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My father is a total dick

Donald Trump Theresa May

‘My father is a total dick‘     Yes this is what I saw written in my son’s exercise book yesterday. It was just a glance as he doesn’t like me looking at his work nowadays. While by no means always true, I thought an 11 yr old boy should probably have a tad more respect for his […]

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Santa’s coming to town

Santa's Coming to Town

  Are you taking the kids to see Santa Claus? Plummy Mummy has another agenda …     I lost my faith aged 6. My sister and I were lying in bed on Christmas Eve pretending to be asleep. The door opened a crack, and we glimpsed the big man in red (though strangely barefoot and […]

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You're Fired - Donald Trump

    I’m in shock. I’ve just been fired from my dream job.     Working for the same person for 11 years. Virtually no holiday in all that time. No paid leave, hardly any time off. He expects me to run about after him clearing up his mess. I do his shopping and cooking […]

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Justice for Treeza?

Theresa May High Court Ruling Judges

Why don’t primary schools teach Logic? What use is History, Geog, Biology, Maths, Eng Lit. and Lang etc. if you can’t make sense. As the Prime Minister of the UK, Theresa May backed Brexit after the June 23rd Referendum. What her private thoughts were on the matter we’ll never really know as her words were obfuscating in […]

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Donald Trump what are you like?

Putin and Trump who's the pussy?

If Donald Trump was a parent anywhere near our school playground, I’d have moved my child to a new school by now after having tried and failed to change his mind on nearly everything. I’ve been left wondering whether his own kids, the older as well as the younger ones, really believe in him and whether we all become […]

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Where are you hiding the money?

Boris Johnson Nigel Farage

Now UKIP has achieved its stated intention of leaving the EU, perhaps Nigel would kindly return the £600,000 cheque given to the Vote Leave campaign by the BNP. Maybe it’s already been spent on painting out their battle bus with giant phototransfers of Farage’s sneer of cold command, or his alcohol-fuelled lunches. Who could fathom the colossal cost of Johnson salving his […]

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Theresa May

Are our children learning anything useful in school these days? I don’t mean times tables or which gory battles were won by which monarch, I’m talking about stuff that the major and even the most minor religions and philosophies tend to include in their How-To manuals. You know, basic info which makes it that bit easier […]

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Billions of Bloggers Blogging in Brewery

Plummy Mummy Diary Doll pants

  My second conference at BritMums Live and who did I know? Some familiar faces from two years ago, but otherwise only a couple of acquaintances who’d be there for a while. Not as scary as Stand-Up comedy but it’s up there. But hey, I’m a blogger and this is what bloggers do. But by the end […]

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My family and Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle, Jamaica, cricket, Wormsley

Yesterday we took our son and his friend out of school a WHOLE 15 mins EARLY to come here. Wormsley cricket ground in Buckinghamshire is where I spent a glorious afternoon watching two brothers and two nephews play a game of cricket they’ll never forget.     What a chance to see my family playing with the great cricketer, Jamaican Chris […]

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