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Can we really expect well-off Mums with a Buy to let, not to make the most of every opportunity to cover the costs of Wii U, holiday camps, football boots and riding lessons? Having made a bit of cash recently – sold a few of my children’s books rather than exploiting my own mother like Higher Flyer – I’m going to blow my profits not on my nearest and dearest, but on a professional development course next week. It just so happens to be in Greece on the beautiful island of Skyros.

The inimitable comedian and writer Arthur Smith is running a comedy workshop there, and I’ve managed to get accepted onto his wit-sharpening week long course (yes, it was a very hard exam: I had to pay).

I’m leaving childcare to husband and a back-up team of six other parents. He really appreciates how much I trust him. I thought after nearly 10 years of parenting, it might be a good idea to take a break. If not for my own sanity, then for the family’s. I had two choices. It wasn’t easy.

CHOICE 1: Lying on a sun-kissed Aegean beach in the afternoon after laughing all morning under a fragrant fig tree


CHOICE 2: Drop-off, write post, shop, pick-up, cook, wash-up, drop-off, write post, blog, pick-up, cook, wash-up, blog, blog, blog, check in to the funny farm (not the Greek one)


Meanwhile – a topical fact that might get overlooked during all the excitement of the Scottish Referendum: The UK without Scotland would be about the same land mass as Greece. Would it change the climate? Well, the mean temperature for England, Wales and Northern Ireland would of course rise substantially without the glacial winters north of the border added to the equation, so it would be warmer on paper if not in reality. Who’d have thought I was a science dunce at school?





Sat Nav

As you may have seen last week, Plummy Mummy took a last minute holiday on her own when things fell through at home. She asked her boyfriend, Ollie Gorky, to keep an eye on the kids as nanny’s been in and out of the The Priory recently (good grief, ideas above her station!) Just theContinue Reading

Sun, Sea, Sand and Sangria

My picture this week is about what happens when a desperate Mum chooses R&R over her children. Sun, sea, sand and sangria with a few friends should put Plummy Mummy in a good mood again. I’d probably go along too if Dhani Jones was there, and as well as a few choice competitors from the Glasgow 2014Continue Reading

Sports Day

                                What’s it like at your school on Sports Day? I was recently thrashed by several much fitter Mums at the 100 metres. But I wasn’t trying very hard to win. Well not really hard. And they were younger than me.Continue Reading

Camila’s got too many kids

Camila’s got too many kids

  If you do nothing else today, watch this video at – it’ll take just over a minute of your time. Sorry if you came expecting a funny illustrated post about Britmums Live 2014, please come back next week for that. But right now, I need to talk about Camila and her ENORMOUS family of kids.Continue Reading

Oh Blogger!

Oh Blogger!

  This is a Britmums Live post IN ADVANCE of the actual event this weekend. Everyone warns me that despite being a brilliant couple of days, it’s emotionally and physically draining. Therefore, in case I’m too knackered to draw straight for a while afterwards, here’s one I’ve prepared earlier! The very people we spend halfContinue Reading

Phenomenal Women

Phenomenal Women

You’ve heard about the King of Spain? King Juan Carlos is going to abdicate in favour of his son.  Could it happen here? Doubt it (see pic) Seems to me that everything in the end boils down to the relationship between one generation and the next. Life is a flow of power and influence downContinue Reading



So. Which books should our kids be reading for the GCSE syllabus in the UK? Our esteemed Education Secretary is scrapping some of the best books written in English. Why? Because they’ve been penned by foreigners. According to Michael Gove’s scheme, some of the most stunning sentences ever composed in the English language by ArthurContinue Reading