Get Fit !

Get Fit !

Get Fit !

I’m on stage at The Oxford Playhouse next week and need to shape up. I found an excellent way of both having the toned muscles of a Wimbledon champion and getting to embarrass my child at the same time.

Watched a Get Fit video from the USA and have been religiously copying Mrs Workout to get those firm arms in time for the gig. Just why I bought a dress with no sleeves is a mystery, but in defiance of those winter bingo wings, I’ve been working out something rotten.

1.    A heavy saucepan in each hand, stretch out your arms to the side and make 20 small circular movements first forward and then backwards. If the saucepans are different weights, just bung a few lemons or a bag of flour in the lighter one.

2.   You can also ‘bench press’ a desk or kitchen cabinet with locked elbows. Surprisingly hard but effective. On the way back from drop-off this morning, I popped into my local bookshop and did a few of these on the counter while chatting with the lovely woman who works there. She didn’t express surprise as most of the people who live around here are a bit on the eccentric side. I’m not of course.

If you haven’t booked already, make sure you come along and laugh at me on Friday 23rd January


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